Build power & freedom into your life.

by leveraging your resources wisely, you can live well today, plan responsibly for tomorrow, and enjoy more freedom along the way.


I believe that success in life — which includes everything from your career to your finances to how you spend your time every day — starts with your mindset and beliefs. This might sound a little fluffy or woo-woo, but I’m not suggesting you sit around, make some wishes, and hope you manifest some good stuff in your life. You have to actively create and design what you want. It’s work.

But mindset does matter. Your ability to live mindfully and engage with what’s possible matters because what you believe informs how you behave. How you behave every day, and the choices you make with your time, money, and energy, will establish the habits and patterns that you follow over time. And it’s those habits that will determine whether or not you reach success in your life.

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How can you get started? Use these 3 steps:


1. BE OPEN TO OPPORTUNITIES & possibilities

There actually is power in positive thinking. When you choose to think positively and stay optimistic, you prime your brain to look for opportunities and good things. You’re more likely to notice what you’re already thinking about (which means if you attach yourself to negativity and crummy feelings, you’ll likely find yourself focusing on the bad and missing the potential good).

2. IDENTIFY YOUR VALUES and what matters to you

You have to know what you value in order to make mindful, intentional choices about what’s right for you. Get clear on what you think is important and want in your life — and work to identify the things you’re doing for other people instead of for yourself.


A sense of adventure and curiosity will be helpful tools to use, too. Seek to learn new things. Push yourself to step outside your comfort zone (even if it’s just one tiny baby step at a time). Be okay with failure, and learn from it. Ask questions. Make no assumptions. Stay curious.


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