Hey! I’m Kali

Through my writing, on the podcast I co-host, in the financial planning firm I help operate, and via the social media channels I communicate from, I show people how to make smarter money moves while creating the life they want.

I believe that a lot of us are living with a gap between the life we live today… and the life we really want to lead. And too many people fail to see that they can close that gap, NOW, rather than waiting for “someday” in the future.

I want the people I reach to learn how to claim their power and agency to intentionally create the life they want to live. To create the life that's right for them. To design a life that’s meaningful. To enjoy a life that serves as a source of happiness and fulfillment.

In sharing some of my life and work here on this site and blog — both past and present — I hope I can shine a light for others who want to start living well NOW instead of waiting for tomorrow to be different or better. You can close the gap between what you have and what you want.


So much keeps us feeling stuck. Or feeling like things are out of our control. Worst of all, we get caught up in what we think we should do. We fail to focus on what we want to do.

We don’t feel free to express who we really are. We don’t even know who we really are.

I felt all this for a long, long time. I went through the motions of what I thought I should do to be successful and happy: did well in school, graduated from a university with a degree and honors, got a job that offered benefits and a retirement plan, married the nice guy I dated in college, bought a house…

You know: all the things you’re supposed to do to be a productive, happy, middle-class member of society. Slowly, piece by piece, that started to fall apart. Turns out, pretending to be something you’re not isn’t sustainable.

The day I realized this is my life and I am not living it how I want is the day I started furiously clawing my way out of the cage I had built for myself.

I built that cage by disengaging from who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I gathered the raw materials I needed for its construction when I made decisions based off other people’s expectations.

I hammered in the nails when, instead of doing the hard thing of creating my own path, I tried walking down other people’s in hopes that copying everyone else who seemed okay would make me okay, too.

I started dismantling the life I knew when I quit my job. I hated working for someone else, doing menial/meaningless work, in an office that demanded my physical presence (even though I could complete the responsibilities of the position from anywhere). So I left and started freelancing, eventually building up my own marketing firm.

The house was next to go. I initially wanted to buy a house because I thought it signaled to others how grown-up and successful I was. Home ownership was something I did for other people, and not for myself.

The relationship went after that.

And then I was left with nothing but myself to deal with. That’s where the real transformation began.

Over the next several years, I dug into a lot of personal development work and learned a few key tenants that I used to rebuild my life… and more importantly, to erase the gap between what I wished my life was and what my life actually looked like.

Some of those ideas, concepts, and practices include:

  • Not waiting for permission to create what I want.

  • Knowing time is my most valuable asset — but money is important for the leverage and options it provides.

  • Taking nothing personally; what other people do is not about me.

  • Letting go.

  • Taking responsibility.

  • Knowing everything changes; nothing is permanent.

  • Seeing that there’s a difference between what happens to you, and what you make that event mean.

  • Being present, because there is only now.

My biggest accomplishment to date has been building the life I want and living it now.

Not hoping things change in the future.

Not betting on finding happiness once I achieve this goal, or have that thing.

Not putting blame on other people for my problems, but instead digging into my own actions to root out what wasn’t working about my ways of being.

Today, what I used to only dream about is my reality.

I have found the power of stepping off into the unknown, where there are no promises but there are endless possibilities. The life I want to live will always exist one step beyond what’s known. That to live the life I want, I have to get out of my head and into action.

Life happens out here, right now.

- Kali