BYH Content Roundup: March 2019

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A few years ago, I tried estimating how many words per month I wrote.

I guessed my total word count clocked in around 300,000 for each month.

At the time, I wrote for a number of clients and produced all kinds of (ghostwritten) content. From blog posts to social media to emails to copy for websites and landing pages and more, I covered a lot of ground.

I still write (a ton) but now, it’s all focused on one company: Beyond Your Hammock, where I’m Chief Content Officer (i.e., director of marketing and operations).


While my professional writing that I do in this role is largely still ghostwritten under the name of our CEO, BYH is a family business — literally; Eric is my spouse — I have more freedom to share those pieces as content I worked on and created.

Each month, I’m creating a BYH Content Roundup that features those latest pieces of content that I published under our BYH brand, either as articles and posts or most recent episodes of our podcast, Beyond Finances, that I co-host and produce.

March 2019 is the very-first roundup, so without further introduction, here’s what I made this month:

On the Podcast

How to Travel More Without Busting Your Budget

It seems like there’s one thing every single 20-, 30-, and 40-something has in common these days: we all want to travel. We want to see the world, experience new things, try new foods, and of course, have some really great photos to share on the ‘Gram.

But it can all add up to deliver a seriously nasty blow to your budget. How do you balance the need to save with the desire to explore? It’s all about priorities… and maybe using a tip or two of ours along the way.

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How to Use Thought Experiments to Design Your Best Life

You can’t get to where you want to be in the future unless you start thinking about where you are now and what changes, tweaks, and actions you need to take in your life to slowly align your vision and dream with reality. On this episode, we’re sharing some ideas and structures to use for thought experiments and daydreaming sessions that will help jolt you out of your day-to-day routine and into the realm of what’s possible to build in your life.

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On the Blog

Make Little Money Details Add Up to Big Financial Impact

If you get a chance to spend less, jump on it. If you can easily cut back in an area without feeling like you’ve lost something critical to your well-being (a la not getting the $4 coffee every single day).

Do this in all your spending categories, and you might find paying attention to the details adds up to a lot of money freed up each month that you can then dedicate to investing to grow real wealth.

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On the Web

Buying a Home Might Not Be the Great Investment You Think It Is, Business Insider

You can't make a broad statement about owning always being a better option than renting, or that renting always equates to throwing money away.

It's just not true — and in many real-life scenarios, the opposite is actually true: Owning a home may be a bigger waste of your cash than using some of your money to pay rent.

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Who Can DIY Their Taxes – and Who Should Use a Pro, Kiplinger

A point that many people don’t consider when making the decision to outsource something — be it your taxes or almost any other skilled work or service — is that asking for help doesn’t automatically mean you’re not capable of doing that task or project.

The question should not be, “Can I do this?” The answer is probably going to be yes, you can. You can do the required research, learning and work involved to prepare and file your own taxes. But it’s not a question of what you’re capable of.

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5 Podcasts That Will Help Change How You Think, Forbes

Finding it tough to spark new ideas or fresh perspectives? Lacking inspiration, or just want a new take on the same old topics? Try turning to these podcasts that might help you shift your mindset or give you a little insight that helps you see the world just a bit differently.

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