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Looking for a unique perspective to offer attendees at your conference or event? Want an experienced woman in finance to lead a breakout session or give a talk for your group? Need a trained financial coach or speaker to educate participants in your program?

I’d love to work together with you to develop excellent programming that will bring value to your audience, or to present financial literacy workshops that will make a meaningful impact on the people you want to serve most.


  • Personal Finance & Financial Literacy

  • Content Marketing

  • Authenticity

  • Blogging, Social Media, and Content Creation

  • Writing

...and more, based on my professional experience in finance and expertise as a writer, marketer, and content creator. We can also chat about your specific conference needs, and how we can build a presentation together that meets your goals.


See me in action as a speaker:


“Kali speaks in the same way she writes: in a way that's engaging and personal. She doesn't just communicate big, important ideas clearly. She connects and makes an impact on her audience.”

Popular Sessions & Presentations

How to Attract and Retain Your Ideal Clients with Compelling Content

This presentation defines what content marketing is (and isn't), explains why it's useful for business owners looking to expand their reach and influence, and provides attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to know how to get in action with a simple framework for a basic content marketing strategy.

Content marketing helps entrepreneurs better communicate with the people they can best provide value to and serve. This methodology makes a positive impact because puts people first, allowing brands to do business, increase revenue, and grow in a way that focuses on the needs of others and the solutions to their problems.

Prospective and existing clients can also benefit from businesses who choose content marketing as a way to increase their brand awareness because this strategy allows the business better communicate valuable, educational concepts to a wide audience who can then improve their lives from that shared knowledge and expertise.

The Best Marketing Tactic You're Not Trying: Sharing Your Authentic Self

More and more industries that have historically relied on outbound marketing tactics are looking to leverage inbound marketing and content strategies for their businesses -- and they're failing. Why? Because most businesses rely too much on expertise and knowledge to explain facts instead of weaving persuasive, captivating stories that compel and convert an audience.

This session details how entrepreneurs can better market themselves by shifting from fact-based (and boring) content to strategically sharing personal, authentic stories that help form connections between their brands and their prospective clients.

The presentation also includes real data from a case study of one firm that went from fact-based marketing with no unique voice or tone to sharing personal, opinionated content and stories and saw a big difference to the business' bottom line.

Stop Blogging into the Void: Create Content That Gets Engagement

Many entrepreneurs who blog lack direction, knowledge on best practices, and understanding of how to translate brilliant thoughts into compelling content.

As a result, they lack readership and engagement for their business blogs. And that's a shame because you -- yes, YOU! -- have great stories, messages, and knowledge to share with people in a way that can increase your influence, grow your audience, and help get prospects in the door.

This presentation shares how entrepreneurs can create content that actually gets read, including a specific process business owners can follow to:

-- Craft their blog's purpose
-- Understand their target reader
-- Develop appropriate post topics
-- Write in a compelling way
-- Promote published content to expand reach and grow an audience

The Secret Skill to Successful Marketing: Writing Persuasively

If you want to create content that converts web traffic and site visitors into prospective clients, your work starts with creating compelling stories that capture attention. In order to continue pulling a lead through your customer journey, you need to know how to write in a way leaves your reader ready and wanting to take action.

All of your marketing content -- from email campaigns to video scripts to blog posts to whitepapers -- will benefit from using the 5 specific frameworks you’ll learn in this session. These frameworks act as templates you can use throughout your marketing content. Here’s what you’ll add to your marketing toolkit after this session:

-- 5 specific formulas for crafting your ask in a way that persuades readers to act
-- Examples of pieces of persuasive writing that work and convert
-- General best practices for copywriting in content marketing (so your well-crafted calls to action don’t get lost in a sea of terrible formatting)


Bring Kali Roberge to your next conference, panel, or workshop

I'm committed to giving attendees and audiences what they need to move the needle in their careers, businesses, and lives.

Through my experience speaking at numerous events -- from conferences with 20,000+ attendees to intimate workshops with less than 10 participants -- I know how to position people to reach the success they're striving for.

Thanks for considering me for your event. You can take the next step by sending an email to share details about your needs and request availability.